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Home Decor Color Trends

If you want to create a modern, vibrant space, home decor color trends can be of great help. While color is deeply personal, feng shui ties the colors to the desired ambiance. Color wheel knowledge is also useful, particularly if you’ve studied art or have a background in it. People are drawn to certain colors for various reasons. Some are biologically ingrained, while others are purely personal.

Veri Peri

Adding purple accents to your home decor can add a contemporary, bold look. This color trend is still relatively new and has not fully penetrated the home decor market. Developed by Pantone, this color has a very creative and futuristic feel. The color was selected by the color institute to reflect environmental concerns and social injustice. The following are some ways to incorporate the Very Peri color trend into your home decor.


This autumn, consider adding a dash of cardamom to your home. This spice adds a distinct flavor to a wide range of products, including candles, home decor, and even clothing. In a pinch, you can substitute vanilla or cinnamon for cardamom. Or, try a mix of cardamom and vanilla for a festive mix. However, do note that the taste is best when freshly ground.

Incarnadine No. 248

This rustic crimson has a classic charm and blends well with other regal shades. It is also a great choice for interiors with rich woodworking and other classic accents. This rich red also works well with white and Tanner’s Brown for woodwork. Combined with other warm tones like lilac and beige, Incarnadine is a beautiful choice for any room.


For a minimalist and comfortable aesthetic, lilac is one of the most popular colors to add to your home. With millennials and teenagers in mind, this color is ideal for a modern bedroom. The trend of lilac in home decor has been spreading like wildfire, with many Instagram accounts featuring lilac-hued rooms. In order to get a feel for this color, consider reading some tips from a celebrity stylist.

Hot pink

For those of you who love pink and can’t resist the enchanting hue, hot pink as a home decor color trend might be just right for you. In a room, the blush tone lends itself to a subtle accent. It works well as an accent wall, particularly when it’s tucked away or concealed behind a more interesting backdrop. Here are some home decorating ideas for pink-inspired rooms.

Earthy tones

Traditionally a calming home color trend, earth tones are now making a comeback in design, gaining popularity as people look to revitalize their lives in their homes. In fact, many interior designers have praised the color trend for their versatility and realism, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a warm, cozy space. These tones are made from stone or wood, and look stunning on the inside and out of a home.

maximizing glass

You may have already noticed that maximizing glass in home decor color trends is becoming more popular, but how do you go about achieving this? This year’s trends focus on sustainability, minimizing plastic, and maximizing glass. By incorporating energy-efficient design and materials into your space, you can save money on lighting, heating, and appliances. Take advantage of these new trends and maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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