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Cheap and Tasty Food in NYC

Sloppy joes are a great cheap dinner that is full of flavor and surprisingly inexpensive to prepare. This dish is made from tomato paste, meat, and onion and is often spooned into a hoagie roll. It is one of the classic dishes that can be prepared at home, and the ingredients are quite similar to vegetable soup. But they still have an incredible flavor that makes them worth a try.

Warung Bu Kris

In the area of Surabaya, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cheap prices and tasty food served at Warung Bu Kris. This restaurant specializes in Indonesian food and serves an excellent menu with cheap prices and large portions. The staff is helpful and the prices are affordable. They also accept cash and deliver the food to your door. Warung Bu Kris has several locations around the city, including one on the main Kayoon street.

The prices at Warung Bu Kris are very affordable – you can eat there for less than $1 per meal. The best dishes to order here include the sambal penyet, a spicy chicken paste topped with rice, kari, mie, nasi, and fried chicken. The sambal is made from many different ingredients and is delicious. The staff will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.


The Counter-Serve Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Restaurant specializes in taboon-oven-baked fare. While this isn’t a traditional taboonette, it’s still worth a visit if you’re craving a bite. You won’t regret it! Located on the lower level of an apartment building, this restaurant has great views of the downtown skyline.

The interior of the Taboonette is a bright, country kitchen feel. The front of the store features limited counter seating and two large picnic tables in the center. The wood ceiling beams and wood-burning oven are both charming details. The Taboonette has been around since 2014, and has built a strong following. We recommend checking out their delivery service. The food is good and prices are reasonably priced, and the service is great. Taboonette has a 4.4 Google rating, which is definitely worth a try!


A simple and inexpensive meal for the whole family, Nihari is a great way to enjoy the taste of Indian spices. Cooking this food is a lot easier than it sounds. Nihari can be prepared on a stovetop in as little as one hour. The slurry of Durum Wheat Flour and the onion will make the stew thick and tasty. Nihari is best served with naan, sheermal, and garnishing.

To make the best Nihari, choose the right cut of meat. Beef shin or a beef shank is best. You will want the marrow from the bone. Similarly, you can use lamb bone marrow. Besides beef, you can also use chicken bones or lamb bone marrow. Cooking nihari with bones makes the dish very flavorful. It pairs best with naan, karak double roti, or toasted bread. Rice is almost never served with it.

Sao Mai

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Vietnamese food, head to Sao Mai in the East Village of New York City. Seth Rogen is an avid fan of Sao Mai, where he can get a good bowl of pho and suon nuong, which is grilled pork chop over rice. For casual dining or delivery, Sao Mai is the place to go. Here, you’ll find tasty Vietnamese dishes and moderate prices.

The house specialty, bun Sao Mai, is an excellent choice. The deep-fried component is filled with grilled pork, shrimp and vermicelli noodles. The whole thing is served with lime sauce and chopped lettuce and carrot. You can also order a lighter bowl of matzah balls or a vegetarian version of Sao Mai. The only thing better than the fried egg noodles is the price: it’s about $2.50 per bowl.

Noodle Village

The Basic Chinatown go-to is the Noodle Village. Whether you’re after Chinese soup dumplings or a noodle dish, you’ll find it here. Noodle dishes and soup dumplings are a staple lunch menu item here. Try the steamed congee, too. You can also order a variety of Cantonese dishes. For cheap, tasty food, try the lunch specials like pork buns or the aforementioned soup dumplings.

Won Ton Soup: If you want to experience authentic Hong Kong wonton soup, visit Noodle Village in Chinatown. You can get them at many Chinese American restaurants or Chinese buffets. Hong Kong wonton soup has a distinct seaside aroma from the dried flounder soup base. Its springy green onion flavor gives it a distinct coastal aroma. Afterward, try the pork meatball, which is a delightfully juicy bite.

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