How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

Design a Luxury Bathroom

Among the various features of a luxury bathroom are the amenities. This doesn’t only include the sink and toilet, but also soft towels and nice rugs. All of these features contribute to the overall feel of pampering, and scented soaps complete the experience. If you are not sure how to design a luxurious bathroom, here are some suggestions to inspire you. And remember, you’re not stuck with the standard design! Take your time and find the perfect design for your bathroom.

Luxurious bathrooms feature natural materials

Exotic stones are stealing the show in luxury bathrooms. Their crystalline sparkle and jewel-like hues make them the perfect choice for shower backdrops and backsplashes. But if natural stone isn’t your style, consider one of the many man-made materials that mimic natural stones and offer the same beauty and feel. They are easy to clean and require no after-care. A skylight can help you achieve a calming master bathroom design without compromising your privacy.

Wall-mounted fireplaces

The National Association of Home Builders says that consumers prefer bathrooms with white walls and energy-efficient features. Fireplaces are a nice focal point that will boost resale value. In addition to enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetics, fireplaces also add a touch of luxury. Depending on your budget and desired heat output, there are two types of fireplaces for bathrooms: electric and traditional. As a general rule, electric fireplaces will provide enough heat to warm the bathroom, and a fireplace mounted on the wall is likely to be the best option if you have limited space.

Onyx and marble

The combination of onyx and marble in a luxury bathroom design is one of the most striking options. While the materials are brittle and prone to scratches, they add a touch of sophistication to any room. Marble and onyx pieces on the bathroom floor can glisten and reflect light. The light-coloured pieces will shine in the bright light, while dark-coloured ones will reflect gloomy light. The pieces can last for decades without losing their beauty. Marble and onyx are both timeless gems that can be used in many ways in a luxury bathroom.

Shiplap walls

Whether you want a rustic or contemporary look, you’ll find that shiplap walls are a great way to add a stylish and natural touch to your bathroom. Shiplap is a type of wood that looks great in a modern bathroom. It has a rustic feel that’s ideal for the shower area, and there are many DIY guides available to help you create a stunning look. Some of the most common materials for shiplap are solid wood, MDF, and plywood. Depending on the location of the shiplap, you can choose from one of these options.


A skylight in a luxury bathroom can be a dramatic and beautiful feature, bringing natural light and warmth into a room. This feature is particularly attractive in bathrooms, where the natural light can complement neutral color schemes. The design of the bathroom is crucial in establishing a sense of tranquility and luxury. Styles that are often associated with stuffiness and dryness are usually at the bottom of the luxury bathroom design list.

Textured wallpaper

If you want a luxurious look for your bathroom, consider using textured wallpaper. These papers can simulate the look of grasscloths, linens, and silks, and they do not require a high maintenance. High-end designers often use vinyl-based alternatives in their bathrooms. Natural-looking papers can be sealed using Polyvine Decorator’s Dead Flat Varnish for an added layer of protection. Before sealing the entire wallpaper, test it first on a small section of the bathroom.

Natural materials

Using natural materials in your bathroom design is an excellent way to bring warmth and comfort to the space. Wood, stone, and marble are all excellent choices. They are comfortable, durable, and can add a rustic charm to your bathroom. And if you’re looking to save money, they are an excellent choice for bathrooms. If you’d prefer to use natural materials in your bathroom design but aren’t sure where to begin, consider the benefits of wood and stone.

Freestanding tubs

A freestanding bathtub is a great way to add panache to your bathroom design. Its unique shape allows for the tub to stand on its own and gives the room a more spacious, luxurious feel. The soaking tub is the focal point of the room, and can even become a piece of art. They can be a nice change of pace in the bathroom, or they can accentuate an existing design theme.

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