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How to Spot Fake Vintage Clothing

If you’ve been buying vintage clothing, you’ve probably noticed that some of the pieces look fake. Luckily, there are ways to tell if vintage clothing is genuine. There are certain labeling and design characteristics that are indicative of authentic vintage clothing, as well as clues to spot a fake. You’ll also want to look for slight changes to logos and materials.

Identifying fake vintage clothing

The first step to identifying fake vintage clothing is to check the labels. Many pieces of clothing will have a ZIP code on the tag, but not all of them do. The ZIP code may be an indicator that the piece is a fake, but it can also help to combine it with other identifying factors. Many labels will also list the type of material used. For example, before the 1970s, most pieces were made from Dacron Polyester, but these days they may be made of Veyron, Kodel, or Celanese. In addition, some pieces may be made from acrylic fabric, such as Creslan.

Another way to tell if a vintage item is fake is to look for the brand symbol or emblem. In the 80s and 70s, the licensing laws were different, so some vintage tees may not have a brand symbol. However, if the logo is still printed on the garment, it is most likely a fake. If the logo is not in the original style, you can usually tell by the font.

Clues to spotting a fake

There are a few things you should look for when buying Vintage Clothing. One of the most important clues is the label. This is the tiny square of fabric that tells you a lot about a garment’s history. Look for this tag on the bottom, side or back seam of a piece of clothing. If the label is missing, it’s probably not vintage.

Another clue is the font. A good vintage brand will have a font that’s different from its contemporary counterpart. For example, an art deco typeface would have a different look than a font that’s round and bubbly. Likewise, a tag with an ILGWU will be different from one that’s on a contemporary garment.

Labels to look for

You can find out if an item is vintage by looking at its tags, logo, and labels. The fabric of the tag, as well as the logo, can be a good indicator. Today, tags are often made from thin fabric and printed. This is probably a way to cut costs and produce items faster. An example of this would be the Nike tag, which has changed material and manufacture country over the years.

Another important factor to look for is the copyright of the item. An authentic vintage piece will have a copyright year stamped on its tag. For example, a vintage Adidas jacket should be labeled with a copyright year between 1991 and 1992. If you cannot see this, your vintage item may be a fake.

If you’re unsure about the label of your garment, visit the Vintage Fashion Guild’s Label Resource page. This group provides resources for identifying vintage labels and other information. You can also post your questions on vintage clothing in their forums.

Authenticity of vintage clothing

When buying vintage clothing, it’s important to be discerning about the garment’s authenticity. While there are plenty of signs to look for, there are also a few things you can do yourself to ensure that you’re getting a real deal. For example, check the tag for copyright, which will let you know whether a particular piece was manufactured before 1991 or 1992.

When purchasing vintage clothing, it’s best to check the age and make of the item. Clothing that was made in the 1960s may have higher value than a garment from the 1990s. The style and sizing of the 1960s was very different than that of today. The item may also be larger than today’s sizing. If you’re unsure, you can always take it to an appraiser to find out.

Authenticity of vintage clothing can also be assessed through its quality. Although some items might look old and worn, others may be in good condition. This is because vintage clothing isn’t made in the same way anymore. It’s also made with different materials. Despite the differences, vintage clothing can be authentic.

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