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OnBoard Board Portal Software

If you’re looking for board portal software that makes it easy to communicate, look no further. BoardSpot allows you to push meetings to board members’ digital calendars, eliminating the need to send out long emails or emailed files. Unlike traditional board meeting tools, BoardSpot allows you to easily upload important documents such as agendas and minutes. Changing these documents is as easy as uploading them to the agenda. The same applies to important documents, such as board reports.


OnBoard Board Portal Software allows board members to view and upload documents and other materials to keep track of board events. The software even builds a database before meetings and keeps board members up to date with changes in the data. Security features help protect data and ensure compliance with various governmental regulations. The software allows for the creation of guest accounts and offers different levels of access privileges to non-members and auditors. This software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your board.

When searching for a board portal software, it is important to remember that not all options are the same. Different platforms have different features and price tags. The best way to decide on the right tool for your board is to analyze your needs and select a solution that can provide you with the features you need to promote efficiency. However, make sure to stick to your budget. In addition to board management software, look for tools that will improve the quality of your board meetings and make your experience more pleasant.

OnBoard offers high security features for board meetings. It eliminates the need to send sensitive information via email. Additionally, you can export meeting minutes to PDF or Word Doc for eSignature approvals. You can also access training videos and on-demand training sessions for OnBoard. However, it is important to note that it is not user-friendly enough for non-technical members. This is because OnBoard requires an administrator to log in as a member before you can view their information.


If you want your board members to access important company documents from anywhere, FileCloud is the right tool for the job. FileCloud enables secure sharing of accounting and financial documents with powerful access controls and restricted downloads. It can be deployed on-premise or as a public cloud SaaS solution, allowing board members to access documents anywhere. FileCloud is flexible and easy to install and maintain. You can deploy it with minimal IT support and even try it for 14 days for free.

Once you have installed FileCloud, you can manage the cloud storage from your admin panel. From here, you can create multiple users and team leaders. From here, you can manage user share and permissions, as well as send notifications to team members. Admins can view and manage user information and data. You can manage users, folders, and permissions for each team member. FileCloud is compatible with many messaging platforms, including Microsoft Office 365.

With Board Portal Software, board members can access board materials and execute governance responsibilities securely. Board members can easily share information and collaborate with other board members and administrative staff. The software can even be used to structure virtual board meetings and enhance data security. Typical board members include company secretaries, legal counsels, and senior executives. The software can help them manage and organize information, record meeting minutes, and collaborate on projects. There are many different types of board portal software, and each one is designed to cater to specific needs.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage is a cloud-based board portal software that allows users to conduct board meetings without paper. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use even by people who have limited technical knowledge. Board members can log in using biometric fingerprint or face scanning technology, or they can enter a pin code that is sent via SMS. This board portal also allows users to take surveys or questionnaires.

Nasdaq Boardvantage provides powerful features that enable boards to improve collaboration and alignment of strategic goals. Its user-friendly interface helps directors and committees better prepare and engage in meetings. It makes board meetings easier and more efficient for corporate secretaries, as well as for management. It is easy to access meeting materials, manage agendas, and manage directors’ time more effectively. Board members can also sign documents efficiently using Nasdaq Boardvantage.

Before purchasing a board portal software, make sure you consider the overall cost of the platform. Depending on the features and capabilities of the board portal software, the cost may vary greatly. Some are cheaper than others, but may have less features or functionalities. Other companies may charge extra for certain standard features or functionality that boards will never use. A board portal should be able to meet all these criteria.

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