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Popular Animated Cartoons

Whether it’s classic ’40s-era cartoons or modern classics, there’s a cartoon series out there for every age and taste. There are so many great cartoons, but which ones are the most popular? Here’s a look at a few. You might be surprised at which cartoons are the most popular. And if you like the classics, you may want to give them a try.

South Park Cartoon

South Park – It has been off the air for almost fifteen years, but its satirical style is still a classic. The lead character, a giraffe centaur named Homer, is an utterly quotable moron. He could even get through an entire episode saying, “Cheese omelet!”

Spongebob Squarepants Cartoon

“Spongebob Squarepants” are also excellent choices for kids. And if you’re looking for an adult-oriented film, check out “Gravity Falls,” a supernatural mystery that’s even more popular than the original. It’s like ‘Scooby-Doo’ with more animation, and better songs. Regardless of age, you’re sure to find a new favorite animated show on this list.

Ren & Stimpy Cartoon

Ren & Stimpy – This homage to the classic comic book series is arguably the most popular animated film of all time. The show was so successful that it was eventually remade in the form of a series. And in the case of two Stupid Dogs, the cartoon characters have similar dimwittedness and personalities. This is perhaps the only time a cartoon blatantly copies itself, but it still remains a classic.

Bambi Cartoon

Bambi – This is another classic Disney Renaissance movie that serves as a gateway horror film for children. Its death scene is one of the most well-known in film history. Its premise is based on the French classic La Belle et La Bete, and it benefits greatly from Ashman/Menken’s musical score. But for true classics, you should check out the above-mentioned movies.

Teen Titans Go

“Teen Titans Go!” – While many classic fans of Disney’s children’s shows detested sidekicks, many of them are incredibly adorable. Their adorable sidekicks often remind us of parasites. This cartoon is also a must-see for kids who enjoy sophomoric jokes. So, make sure to check out these classics before you spend time on a new show this year.

Finding Nemo Cartoon

Finding Nemo – A Disney classic and one of the most popular animated cartoons of all time, this movie has a stellar cast of actors. It is a rare exception among animated movies. Its cast features talented character actors such as Allison Janney and Albert Brooks. It’s a perfect example of how to use the voice of an actor to add a little bit of sass to an animated movie.

Kim Possible Cartoon

“Kim Possible” – A cartoon that focuses on girls in a female role is a refreshing change from the norm. In an age where most cartoons have male leads, Kim Possible helped show girls that they too can be heroes. Kim was smart, brave, and funny. And just like any teenage girl, she made mistakes, but she always did the right thing. Despite the fact that her name may not mean much to you, she helped girls all over the world become strong and independent.

Snow White Cartoon

Snow White – Another iconic Disney cartoon, Snow White is the first feature-length animated film. It was the first to introduce the concept of multiplane camera and many of the studio’s trademark flourishes. While it’s a timeless classic, the ‘Baby Mine’ song is one of the most memorable Disney songs, and the ‘Pink Elephants On Parade’ sequence is a stunning example of the studio’s trademark charm.

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