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Say No to Colored Nail Polish

When it comes to color-coordinated nails, a saying that seems a bit oxymoronic can help you avoid this common dilemma. Colored nail polish is a common fashion trend these days, but there are some rules that you should follow to make it work for your skin tone. Women over fifty should avoid using neon colors. Instead, stick to neutral shades like beige, khaki, and tan.

For a Sustainable Option, opt for Nail Polish without Toxins

Choose eco-friendly nail polish. For a sustainable option, opt for nail polish without toxins. It’s tough to find nail polish that’s safe for the environment, but Habit Cosmetics is the first brand to use recycled plastic in their packaging. They also use biodegradable bamboo overcaps and FSC-certified paperboard boxes. And don’t worry, because all of their formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with myrrh extract. And don’t worry, the brand’s shade range is impressive!

Colored Fingernails can Interfere with the Effectiveness of Oxygen Monitors

Iryna Filkina, an aspiring makeup artist, was one of the victims of the Bucha killings. Her colored fingernails were a crucial clue for identifying her body and helping authorities contact her family. In addition, colored fingernails can interfere with the effectiveness of oxygen monitors. Therefore, surgeons often tell patients to remove their colored nail polish before their surgery. They warn patients not to wear them while undergoing invasive surgery.

Avoid Coppertone Color

Another color to avoid is coppertone. Do not confuse coppertone with copper-toned nail polish. This metallic shade looks like a golden iridescent glow. This color suits most skin tones and will instantly punch up even the most boring white outfit. A hint of this color will go a long way! It’s also a great choice for summer days. And don’t forget to apply a glossy top coat for maximum shine.

Emerald Green is Another Good Option

A neutral shade of emerald green is another good option for a fall or winter wardrobe. It will showcase your cuticles and skin. In addition, the color will add sparkle to your outfit in a dark setting. However, men might not be happy with gaudy emerald shades. Nevertheless, subtle green shades with a hint of lime are a great choice.

Nail Polish is an Indicator of how Someone Feels and Who They Are

While most women like red and neutral tones, it’s worth noting that the colour of the nail polish can tell a lot about the personality of a person. Unlike other colours, nail polish is an indicator of how someone feels and who they are. The more striking and unique a person’s nails are, the better. A woman with a red nail polish on is more likely to be perceived as a confident person, according to Pantone’s experts.

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