Shipping Luggage by Air

Shipping Luggage

If you’re traveling overseas, shipping your luggage can be an easy solution. But before you ship your suitcase, you need to know how much it will cost, how long it will take, and what you should watch out for. In this article, we’ll cover the costs, timeframe, options, and legalities of shipping your luggage by air. You’ll also find out which shipping company to choose. And remember to check for shipping insurance.


The costs of shipping luggage vary widely. Depending on its size, weight, and destination, shipping a single-piece suitcase can cost anywhere from $76 to $159, depending on the carrier. Oversized and oversize bags are often more expensive, with a few exceptions. For example, an Emirates flight charges $30 for every extra kilo. Even budget airlines charge you per checked bag. Shipping costs can vary greatly from carrier to carrier, so make sure to check the details and compare prices before booking.

Most major airlines charge around $50 to $125 per pound of luggage. For bags up to 70 pounds, the cost can rise to $100 or more. UPS offers various services for different prices and can accommodate clients who want more personalized service. The cost of shipping a 74-pound package from New York to Los Angeles by UPS Ground would be under $90 one way. The costs of expedited services can run anywhere from $220 to $450.

Time frame

The first step in shipping your luggage is choosing the method of delivery. When you choose door-to-door shipping, a courier will pick up your suitcase from the address you specify on the shipping form, and deliver it directly to the address you specified on the booking form. You will need to pack your suitcase as per the specified date, and prepare a sturdy cardboard box with cushioning materials. Remove any old tags and affix a new shipping label to your suitcase.

One of the main reasons people choose to ship their luggage is because they no longer want to deal with the hassle of dealing with multiple bags. It also eliminates the need to pay for additional baggage fees when traveling. Some people choose to ship luggage as part of a long-distance relocation, where they pack their belongings as well as household items. However, you must be prepared to pay some unexpected charges while shipping your luggage, such as UPS pickup fees, fuel surcharges, and additional handling fees. In addition, some hotels may charge you extra to hold your luggage while you are traveling.


You have several options for shipping luggage. Before you start, consider the size and weight of your bag. While some luggage shippers will charge a flat rate based on the size and weight of the bag, others will price a shipment by its weight, size, and distance. Be aware of weight restrictions. If you have expensive items in your luggage, consider getting insurance to cover the value of the items. Also, consider the shipping service’s insurance policy.

Many people use shipping services for various reasons. The most popular reason is to avoid multiple bags, causing a lot of stress and incurring extra baggage fees. Other people ship luggage for long-distance relocation. They may need to pack household goods and other belongings as well as personal items. While most companies will offer a flat rate for shipping luggage, many will also add on unexpected fees to cover pick-up and delivery fees. Some hotels may even charge extra for holding luggage.


The first thing to know about shipping your luggage is that most airlines require you to purchase a ticket before checking it. This is a very expensive way to ship your luggage and often requires someone to meet you at the airport when you arrive. Fortunately, there are other, cheaper and more convenient ways to ship packages. Read on to learn about these options. If you are concerned about the legalities of shipping luggage, there are several alternatives to consider.


If you’re traveling abroad, shipping your luggage can save you money and time. Air shipping, for example, can deliver your luggage within a few days. However, it’s important to remember that air shipping is also the most expensive method of shipment. Other options include sea and land shipping, which are cheaper but may take longer. When shipping your luggage, keep in mind that the size and weight of your luggage will play a role in which method you choose. While small items can be shipped by regular methods, large ones may need to be sent via a special service.

Before choosing a carrier, make sure to calculate the dimensional weight of your luggage. The weight of your luggage can have a significant impact on the price of shipping it. While some specialty luggage shipping services charge flat fees based on the dimensions and weight of the bag, others price shipments based on weight, size, and distance. Therefore, it’s important to understand how much your luggage weighs so you can choose a shipping service that is affordable and reliable.

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