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Successful Student Startups

More student entrepreneurs are trying their hands at starting their own businesses. These startups can be very lucrative if they have the right mindset and business plan. These companies are growing rapidly and the future is bright for this kind of venture. However, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure a successful startup.

LoyaltyLab attracts investments from Moscow Seed Fund and The Untitled

Untitled Ventures is an investment fund with offices in Riga, Latvia and Moscow. It focuses on deep tech startups in eastern Europe. Untitled has a wide portfolio with over 20 investments. Untitled invests between 100,000 and 300,000 euros in each project.

LoyaltyLab is a web platform for loyalty marketing, which was developed by students from the Faculty of Computer Science and the Graduate School of Business. The company recently received investments from The Untitled and Moscow Seed Fund. It also acquired a client list from MTS. Its services enable companies to target buyers according to their preferences and deliver communication relevant to their recipients.

Echopoint medical

Echopoint medical is a spinout from University College London. Founded in 2018, it aims to improve diagnosis of heart diseases. Their technology uses optical sensing to guide cardiologists through the grey areas of diagnosis. With their new device, physicians can diagnose heart disease more accurately and save costs. This innovative technology is proving to be an invaluable addition to today’s medical field.

Echopoint Medical is currently in the process of piloting their system at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford University. Echopoint Medical has raised $12 million in funding and has signed a deal to test its AI technology on patients.


The founders of successful student startup Perlego are young and ambitious. They have a deep understanding of the dynamics of online interactions, and they hope to go global in five years. The founders have a culture of fun, and their employees rate their work highly on Glassdoor. The company is already popular among students and young professionals alike.

Perlego has been backed by a number of investors, including academic publishers Cengage, Routledge, and Cambridge University Press. It also has the backing of Founders Factory, an edtech accelerator backed by Holtzbrinck.


Immerse is a student startup that connects millions of students from all over the world. Founded by Quinn Taber, it allows students to practice English and language skills by using a virtual reality headset and avatars. The company launched in 2017 and recently closed a Series A investment round. Immerse is also a good example of how student startups can apply technology to a social problem. It also offers educational workshops and training for teachers to use the Immerse virtual world platform.

Immerse has received international recognition and accolades. It won the Edtech Breakthrough Award in 2021 and was named a finalist in the Digital Innovation category of the ELTons Awards. In addition, the company closed a $1.5 million Series A funding round in 2021. The funding was used to hire more employees and expand its marketing efforts. Immerse also secured partnerships with eight of the largest education companies in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.


Airbnb is a success story, illustrating a number of lessons for online MBA students. While it has not yet penetrated all markets, the company has already created more than 20 million listings. In addition, the company depends heavily on customer demand and continues to innovate. In a recent report, Airbnb has reached a valuation of more than $100 billion.

Airbnb began as a simple idea: a website that lets people find homes to rent for short periods. Founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia had a loft apartment in San Francisco that was becoming increasingly difficult to rent, so they decided to start a business. They began by providing temporary accommodation for people attending a design conference. They made a simple web page, listed properties, and soon had three paying guests. The business grew organically from there, and in a short period of time, Airbnb had thousands of listings.

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