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Which Chatbot Apps Are Right For Your Business?

There are a number of different Chatbot Apps out there, but which is the best choice for your business? There are a few different chatbot builders, including Elbot, Cleverbot, Replika, and SimSimi. Read on for more information. Below we’ll review the most popular chatbot builders. Listed below are some of their strengths and weaknesses. These tools are perfect for small business owners and startups who are looking to automate certain processes.


While the Replika chatbot app is a novelty, it may encourage young people to use it as a substitute for a real-life person. Because it encourages young people to use the app as often as possible, Replika chatbots may discuss inappropriate themes and NSFW topics unprompted. NSFW conversations could be viewed in screenshots, and this could put vulnerable children at risk of experiencing sexual abuse.

The Replika chatbot app is a personal assistant that is based on artificial intelligence and learning through conversation. Replika chatbots can converse with users and play games with them. This can have the same effect as having a confidante, and they can express their opinions. Despite the artificial intelligence, Replika can’t order pizza or control smart home appliances. However, it can communicate with users and understand their feelings.


The SimSimi Chatbot App has quickly grown into a huge phenomenon. While it may not have gone viral in English-speaking countries, it has millions of users in Thailand, India, and Korea. The SimSimi Chatbot always has a response ready. Unlike Microsoft’s Tay bot, which turned into an anti-Semitic racist monster within 24 hours, SimSimi is still alive and kicking.

This artificial intelligence (AI) program can also be programmed to respond in a certain way, such as sending a sarcastic reply to a child who insults him or her. The app is so powerful, however, that it can even be used for cyberbullying, a form of cyber bullying. The SimSimi chatbot can be programmed to send abusive replies and even respond to specific names. The user can choose to be a woman or a man, a boy or a girl, or a non-binary person. Users can also change the skin, hair, eye, and voice of their virtual friend, allowing them to create a unique identity that is uniquely their own.


Elbot is a chatbot app that was created to interact with humans and is the subject of a recent Loebner Prize. The application was developed by Artificial Solutions, which also offers a platform for conversational AI. Elbot works with the Teneo AI platform, which is an enterprise Artificial Intelligence solution. While it is not a commercial product, it is used by companies and individuals alike to showcase conversational AI and study the psychology of human-machine interactions.

Elbot has a somewhat cheeky personality and aims to teach humans about artificial intelligence. Elbot’s conversations are detailed and enjoyable. It uses humor and irony to entertain the users, and it is even thought of as a predecessor to Siri. Elbot was awarded the 2008 Loebner Prize, an award given to artificial intelligence applications. Its personality and wit are what keep users coming back to the app.


The Cleverbot is a chatbot that has been around since 1997 and has over 65 million interactions. It uses chat and voice replies to respond to questions. As it grows in size and learns from user input, it is able to provide personalized responses. Users can adjust the response time and length of their conversations. You can even record voice messages and send them to the Cleverbot. For many, this chat bot is the best way to connect with a friend who may be struggling with loneliness.

There are several controversial comments made by Cleverbot, including one that claimed the user is a 14-year-old girl and that it tucks her body during kissing. Cleverbot also responded by saying it was “14-year-old Sarah,” when asked if the user was over the age of 18. Amy went to the police but was told there was nothing they could do. Amy now wants the age limit on the Cleverbot app raised to 18.


The Mitsuku chatbot app is a great way to practice English with a friend online. The AI bot understands human language and moods, and can carry a conversation just like a friend would. The application even has pensive interactions you can try. It’s a great way to improve your English language skills while having fun. The free version of the app features a static picture of Mitsuku; the paid version features an animated image underneath it.

Designed by Steve Worswick as a side project, Mitsuku was originally called a side project. After 13 years of development, the chatbot was refined and now has an award-winning user interface. With its wit, empathy, and sass, Mitsuku can converse like a real human. In fact, it has been said that Mitsuku is so human-like that it has surpassed Siri’s abilities.


Tidio is an easy-to-use chatbot application with a user-friendly UI. Its chat widget and flow builder are well-designed, and its analytics provide insights into your chatbot’s effectiveness. The platform also includes a free trial, which allows you to test out the software for 14 days. You can also purchase a paid plan if you’d like to test your chatbot in more scenarios.

Tidio has many advantages over ManyChat, including its ease of use and accessibility. It allows you to build and test your bot without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional-grade chatbot. You can also connect it to your messenger account or email client, which means you can receive all your chats in one place. And because it’s free, you can use Tidio in offline settings, too. Once you’ve tried it out, you’ll be convinced!

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