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Amish Furniture – Mission Or Shaker?

There are many advantages to choosing Amish Furniture, but how can you tell which one is the best? There are a few distinguishing characteristics to look for when comparing Shaker furniture to Mission-style furniture. Listed below are some tips to make your decision easier. Keep in mind that you should also consider the overall quality of the pieces. If you find a large price difference, this could be a sign of poor quality. Before making a decision, however, you should consider the style and construction of each type of furniture.

Shaker style

Amish Shaker style furniture is recognizable by its subtle curves, tapered legs, and wooden knobs. This traditional style is also characterized by clean lines and a simple, plain look. Shaker furniture is often made from maple, cherry, or pine wood, and is generally functional and suitable for storage. These pieces also have an elegant and rustic appearance, which makes them a perfect choice for any room in the home.

Craftsmen use red oak for Shaker style furniture. This type of wood is easy to work with and is reddish brown in color. Another common wood used for Amish furniture is white oak, which has a fine grain that is more visible than red wood. White oak is also easily stained, and cherry wood can be figured beautifully to match the rest of the home. All materials used for Amish furniture come from sustainable forests.

Amish furniture can be divided into two styles: Mission and Shaker. Each style has distinct characteristics. Shaker style focuses on utility and functionality. Shaker style furniture is made from sturdy wood, while Mission style furniture is made from lighter materials. Both styles use maple wood, and some are made from a combination of both. Shaker style furniture has a traditional feel, but is also modern. In addition to quality craftsmanship, Shaker style furniture is also very affordable and is an excellent investment.

Mission style

There are several reasons to buy Mission style Amish furniture. These pieces are classic and robust. The dark stain on the wood makes them easy to match any decor. Wooden furniture is built to last for decades with proper care. And, if you’re not sure which style to choose, there are several reasons to invest in Amish furniture. Here’s what you should know about this style. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Amish furniture pieces.

Mission style Amish furniture is totally American. The style’s origin can be traced back to the Spanish missionaries, who designed Adobe-walled churches in the American Southwest. Their designs influenced artists and craftsmen in generations to come. The American furniture brand Daniels became a pioneer of this style, and its simple, elegant designs are still popular today. Mission furniture offers a classic and timeless look. Its simplicity makes it perfect for modern homes.

Amish furniture pieces are built by hand by skilled artisans, who pay attention to detail. This craftsmanship results in a piece of furniture that is both sturdy and beautiful. Unlike furniture produced on assembly lines, which often contains pieces of inferior quality, handmade Amish furniture is a quality investment. It is also hand-staining, a process that ensures a consistent quality finish. A mission style Amish furniture piece is an heirloom piece that will last for generations.


While the name may be deceiving, Shaker Amish furniture is easily recognizable by its subtle curves, round wooden knobs, and tapered legs. Shaker furniture is made from maple wood, which lends it a more traditional look. In addition to bedroom sets, Shaker furniture has been used in dining rooms and on baby furniture. The Shaker style of furniture is popular with those who want to incorporate a timeless look into their home.

This design style is reminiscent of Pennsylvania Dutch homes, which feature simple, utilitarian designs and minimalist interiors. Shaker furniture is typically made of woods and is often handcrafted. The tapered legs of Shaker furniture are lightweight and easy to lift. Furniture in Shaker homes typically uses neutral colors, which complement its simple elegance. Lighting fixtures also follow a simple, straight line aesthetic. Shaker Amish furniture is not meant for every home, but rather is intended for simple living.

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