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Track Your Kids Wherever They Go

Do you worry about where your children are at all times? With the advent of cell phones, it’s now possible to track the location of your children’s cell phones. This technology has made life easier for concerned parents and has even led to the creation of apps that can track your kids‘ location at all times. Whether they are with their friends or away from home, mSpy’s parents can now keep a close watch on their children.


If you want to track your children wherever they go, you can use iTraq. The device is as small as a credit card and has an adhesive strip that sticks to any flat surface. It uses GPS and cellular tower triangulation to determine your location and can be used in most countries. It comes with custom scheduling and you can set alerts when your kids enter and leave a specified area. You can even ask your iTraq to call you if they leave or get lost.


If you’re worried about your kids’ safety, use Relay to track their locations. The GPS-tracking app allows you to set Geofences so that you can know where your child is and can even send SOS alerts if your child gets lost. Its range rivals a cell phone and can make calls across the country. The Relay app works through 4G LTE and WiFi, which it switches between when locating your kids.

Lynq Smart Compass

While you might not want your child to be constantly checking on their location, you may be interested in using the Lynq Smart Compass to keep track of them. Like other smart compass devices, Lynq doesn’t require a subscription service or special app to work. The app is a free download. You can even use it to monitor the location of your child’s pets. While most smart compass devices require a smartphone to work, the LynQ does not.


With mSpy, you can monitor your child’s mobile devices to catch them in the act. It records incoming and outgoing text messages, photos, and calendar entries. It also tracks installed apps and browse histories. Moreover, you can remotely erase all recorded data if you wish to. However, this app does not offer advanced parental controls, so it may not be suitable for monitoring children under your custody.


uMobix Track Your Kids is the ultimate solution to keeping an eye on your kid’s phone usage. It performs monitoring without rooting the phone. With uMobix, you can remotely monitor your kid’s phone’s call logs, screen time, and social media activity. You can even restrict the number of calls your kid can make or receive. If your kid is using social media on his or her phone, you can check out his or her messages to prevent bullying and fraud.


If you’re worried that your young child is wandering off, there’s no need to worry. There are apps for that! Moment and Break Free are both available for iOS and Android. Choosing the right one for your child is a very important decision. It gives you peace of mind knowing that they’re safe. You can also use the apps to communicate with them if you notice that something is out of place. So, what should you look for when choosing a GPS-based tracking app?

Break Free

With a GPS Phone Tracker, you can speak to your children at any time. The device will also alert you when your kids are in school, home, or elsewhere and will notify you if they have done anything suspicious. The device costs about $229 and includes a GPS tracking device and sleeve device with magnetic key. If you’re unsure whether it’s right for you, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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