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What to Look For in an Email Verifier

Before you sign up for an Email Verifier service, you may want to check a few features. Here are some things to look for: Domain existence, Syntax check, and Real-time verification. If you are looking for a service to check your email address, keep reading! We’ll also go over the cost and customer support options. You can always try the free trial version first. Then, once you’ve decided on a plan, it’s time to check your email.

Domain existence check

A reliable email verification tool will detect typos and misspelled characters in an email address. If the email address contains any of these, the verification process will alert you and remove it from your mailing list. Email addresses with catch-all or invalid domains will also be detected. In some cases, role-based account detection will result in a denial of service (DOS) by some ISPs. Thankfully, there are some tools available that will help you avoid these common mistakes and maximize your email deliverability.

To use a domain existence checker, you must have access to a domain name. This is provided by the DNS server. A domain name is a unique string of numbers that a website uses to identify its address. DNS servers also provide an IP address for a domain. This way, you can determine whether an email address belongs to a particular website. Once you have the email domain, you can use it to send an email to verify the legitimacy of the email address.

Syntax check

Performing a syntax check on an email address is an essential step in the email verification process. It ensures that the address is valid, and returns an error if one or more of the three components is missing. Emails that are formatted incorrectly will be undeliverable. There are several different methods of validating an email address, but these are the most common and easy to use. The syntax check includes checking for the user, @ symbol, and correctly formatted domain.

The first approach doesn’t require a dependency on Composer. The second requires a Composer dependency, and neither method is 100% reliable. However, both methods can save results to a text file. Email address validation software can export emails to Paradox, Excel, Word, XML, and other file formats. Once you’ve finished confirming the syntax, you can export the email addresses in a variety of formats.

Real-time verification

There are several benefits of using real-time email verification. The process is highly accurate and provides detailed results, including the status of the email. The API result code 114 indicates that the check was not completed within the request timeout period. This could be because the mail server storing the email address is not available or is implementing Greylisting. This result can be retried every 5 to 20 minutes. If the API returns a result of 118, it means the email has been verified and is available for use.

Another benefit of real-time email verification is that it shows a message when a user enters an incorrect email address. Xverify’s auto-correction features help prevent customer loss due to incorrect emails. The API provides instant verification, without the need for other software. Its fees start at $4 for 500 credits, and the fee drops exponentially with the size of your verification request. Real-time email verification is the fastest option.


Email verification is crucial for any email marketer. Not only will it prevent hard bounces, it will also allow you to monitor the number of leads and conversions. Studies show that there are currently 1.75 email accounts per user. By 2022, that number is expected to climb to 1.86. But how can you tell if your email list is safe? Here are three ways to check whether your list is safe. And don’t forget to get a free Sender Score.

Xverify, the leading majority email verification service, offers a free trial of its service. It charges $0.01 per email validated, with a free trial for the first ten days. This allows you to verify up to ten thousand emails a day, without incurring any hidden fees. You can easily wash a list of 10000 emails in 10 minutes using EmailListVerify. You can also get a free trial of the service with the paid version.


To install Email Verifier, follow these steps. First, install the Python library email-verifier. This will help fix the ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ’email-verifier’ error. Then, paste your contacts into the Email column of the sheet. You will see the verification status. If your email address is valid, it is displayed in the Verification column of the Google Sheet. If it is not, you may need to change the email provider.

Bounckick is another popular email verification tool. Bounckick can be installed on your own infrastructure. This service also segments email lists into valid, invalid, and catch-all lists. Its dashboard and API allows for easy integration with third-party email marketing and CRM software. It can also perform bulk email validation. It comes with a free trial version and provides online customer support during business hours. It also offers a mobile app that lets you verify your emails while they are in transit.

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